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Best Top Machinery Co,,Ltd.

It Was founded in February 2000, We are Group of engineer subject in machinery design, manufacturing for more than 20 year experience. Joint and cooperation with our team factory and contractor to build a whole plane turnkey project to face the waste source recycle environment. In the 20 years. We have work hard in development improved process environment and energy effectiveness to providing complete solution for waste treatment. We have been devoted in useable waste recycle process technical and machinery. Also offer valuable experience for improve all garbage program.

RDF Densified Refuse derived Fuel

Solid Derived Fuel is the process to transit waste into fuel. Step by crushing, selection, drying, blending and forming process, the combustible components in the waste are turned into solid refuse derived fuel with homogeneous energy effective. Feature of Refuse Derived Fuel production is high thermal value, easier keeping storage and transport, homogeneous energy effective, stable combust and low pollution. In combustion process, the energy contained in the RDF is converted into thermal energy for boiler and other industrial energy source. It solved waste treatment problem also provide useful thermal energy to improve of life environment.


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Raw material→RDF Densified Refuse Dderived Fuel
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Best Top Machinery Co,,Ltd.

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